Half of files missing after update

• Apr 18, 2021 - 18:17

I've read every missing file post on the forum and nothing has recovered my files. My Application Support folder doesn't have a folder for Musescore at all and I never delete my scores, even if I don't like them. All of my newer scores are missing, or they aren't even the most updated saved version of the score. I've tried looking for backups and recovered files, but there's none to be found. I've already transferred my Musescore 2 scores over, my files are just gone. They were all here before the update, and this is extremely upsetting.


No need to be upset, I absolutely positively guarantee you that no update of MuseScore has ever or could ever delete a single one of your files. Whatever scores you created in an older version are absolutely positively still there on your computer in the exact same folder and with the exact name you saved them under.

But, I have no what an Application Support folder is. By default your scores you should be Documents/MuseScore2/Scores or Documents/MuseScore3/Scores as appropriate. If you choose to save them elsewhere, that's your right of course, but we wouldn't be able to tell you which folder you saved to them to if you've forgotten.

So, next step would be to try to remember the exact pathname of the folder you believe you saved them to, then navigate directly to that folder. If you don't see them there, then maybe search your memory to see fi you can remember somewhere else you might have saved them, because again, I absolutely positively guarantee they are still there.

If searching your memory proves not fruitful, then try searching your entire driver using Finder or whatever tools your system provides, being sure to give it the appropriate options to search the entire drive, including system and hidden folders, for all *.mscz" files.

I know you say you tried this, but it cannot possibly fail if you've done it correctly&, so it will be important to take a breath, remind yourself those files absolutely positively are still there, and try again, this time consulting the documentation to be sure you are really providing the necessary options to do a *complete search of your drive. if necessary, you might wish to enlist the help of a second set of eyes, perhaps a friend with some system administration experience.

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