turn of chord symbol sound

• Apr 19, 2021 - 15:14

hi all.
I want to put a chord symbol above each chord but musescore plays a completely different chord or voicing especially if its a complicated one.
is there a way to be able to put the chord symbol but musescore plays the notation instead?


It should be the correct chord, though - well, unless the instrument is a traponsing one, in which case the chord of course will also be transposed. Can you explain what specific chord you tried typing that you feel wasn't played correctly?

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Oh, that's certainly true - just like a real musician, the playback in MsueScore chooses its own voicing. If you want MuseScore to put the E in the bass, you need to write C/E, just as you would to communicate the same intent to real musicians, but again, real musicians and MuseScore might well choose different C/E voicings even so (like which octave to play the notes in, which notes to double, etc).

If you don't want real musicians or MuseScore to choose their own voicing, best to not include chord symbols at all. They are really intended only for cases where you do want to encourage musicians to create the own accompaniment. But if you're adding them for analysis purposes only, then indeed, best to leave them in place but turn off playback. I just wanted to make sure there wasn't some other misunderstanding here.

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