Custom Time Signature Confirmation

• Apr 19, 2021 - 21:56

This is a really minor issue, but worthy of mention.

Today I added a custom time signature for the first time. It took a little while to get the beaming properties set, but then I figured it out. Then when I was ready, I hit "Add". Nothing appeared to happen. I clicked a few more times but nothing seemed to be going on. Only when I closed the Time Signature dialogue window did I see several new time signatures in the "More" items pallette box.

Perhaps I'm the only person who has been confused by this, but in my mind I was waiting for one of three things:
I either expected the new time signature to appear in the pallette,
or I might have expected some sort of confirmation that the operation was complete,
or the create time signature box would close.

I think the issue comes about partially because the "More" pallette, where the new time signatures appear, is not visible during the operation of creating a new time signature.

As I said, this is really minor, and now that I've experienced it, I know exactly what to expect. I felt something of a fool when I finally gave up and closed the window, only to find a half dozen copies of the new time signature in my pallette.


For me, hitting Add adds it right there in the time signatures dialog. How did you get there? View / Master Palette, Shift+T, the button the More section of the palette, or some other method?

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I did not use the Master Pallette, but the time signature pallette from the group that is open on the left of the score screen. From this pallette, I clicked "More", and then at the bottom of the More dialogue, I clicked Create Time Signature. I've never done it before, so I assumed that this was the correct method. (Why else would it exist?)

Anyway, the "More" dialogue is only active until you click something else, which in this case, was Create Time Signature. So the More dialogue, where the new time signature(s) appeared was not visible, Clicking Add did not show anything, because the More dialogue had already disappeared.

It's obvious that I did something out of order, but I simply followed the on-screen prompts.

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The way you did it is as correct as any other - it's the newest of the several I mentioned, though, so not one I've ever tried before. I just was just trying to understand why it works differently for you than for me, That must be it. Since you started from the More section of the palettes, MuseScore must be assuming that's where you want it to go. Maybe not the best assumption, although it does seem sort of logical to me. But anyhow, if you used the other methods I mentioned, it works as I described.

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Now that I know how the operation functions via the More pallette extension, I won’t be concerned by the fact that I don’t actually see the operation happening when I click Add. Others performing the operation for the first time may experience the same initial confusion as I did, but everything becomes clear fairly quickly.

FWIW, I think the More pallette is a logical place from which to work. I’m not familiar with how others work, but I do all my time signature operations directly from the advanced workspace pallette. It makes perfect sense that the custom signatures are directly available from there.

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"I won’t be concerned by the fact that I don’t actually see the operation happening when I click Add. Others performing the operation for the first time may experience the same initial confusion as I did..."

I only add a new time signature very occasionally, and it baffles me every time! This is definitely an area where the MS workflow is not intuitive. The user expects some sort of visual feedback to the button click - but there is no feedback.

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+1. I noticed an issue with this a few days ago, and ended up with several new copies in the palette. I'll have to revisit this to check how I did it - as it appears that different methods might give different results. I agree it's fairly minor, but some visual feedback or confirmation would be helpful during the process. Also remembering that "it'll probably work" without any feedback is one way to deal with it, but newbies would be very confused, and it's made more problematic because this isn't something we all do every day.

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