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• Apr 20, 2021 - 16:23

Hi, this is my first post to this forum.
I want to convert all my notes to half the value. Example, all 1/4 notes become 1/8th notes, etc. I found a plugin named halftime.js but this seems to be a javascript plugin and is not recognized by MuseScore 3. I read somewhere that it needs to be completely rewritten into a .qml format? Did I understand that correctly.

The reason I think this is the case is because I loaded halftime.js into my /Documents/MuseScore3/Plugins folder, reloaded the plugins form the Plugin Manager, but it did not load. So I think the filetype (ie: using java) is the issue.

Does anyone know if there is another plugin that will meet my needs ... or ... if I am simply not loading this plugin correctly? (this is my first attempt at using a plugin).

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That plugin was for an older version of MuseScore, so it won't work. But it isn't needed anymore. A much superior facility is built right in. Select a range, copy to clipboard (Ctrl+C), then Edit / Paste Half Duration.

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If you’re using a custom workspace such as MDL that overrides the default menus, you will only the see menu items it wants you to see. Switch to one of the standard workspaces instead, using the control that is normally at the right side of the toolbar unless your workspace customized that too, in which case, try the View menu.

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