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• Apr 20, 2021 - 22:09

I would like to have the rehearsal marks in my scores in the same font as the time signatures. Using the "bravura" music font there was the text font "MScoreBC", which did this job.
But since the wonderful "Leland" font was implemented with version 3.6 i can not find any text font that looks exactly the same as the numbers of the time signatures. I would like to have a text font of the numbers used for Leland time signatures too.


MScoreBC is still there, as a text font. Nothing to do with Bravura or Leland (the Musical fonts), but rather with FreeSerif and Edwin (the text fonts). Also Leland Text is there

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So what you're seeing there is that Leland Text does not have a character defined (yet?) for the normal numerics in the font and you're seeing a fallback.

Where in the past the MScoreBC had the "time signature" ligatures also present in that codepoint of the normal numerics, Leland (Text) indeed does not.
Hence Rehearsal Marks can no longer automatically be numbered using those same glyphs. You can indeed still add them manually from the Symbols window, but then their alignment is way off (and they seem to have no horizontal spacing information at all?!):

To make text the inserted symbols had to be changed to the font size of 24, bold was turned off and a space was inserted before, after and in-between the glyphs where the in-between space had to be scaled to 58(!) for the glyphs to somewhat work out.

You might want to file a request/issue to the font creators at and request for those numerics to be placed (and correctly scaled) at their normal codepoints as well. If/when they make that change, MuseScore can update the font in a following release and you would have back your identically styled rehearsal marks without labor intensive workarounds.

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Right, the dialogue is by way of Leland.otf loaded into FontForge, yet the file's modified date reads as September 2020, so it may be possible that my local file differs regarding numerals from what is currently being offered through the above-linked Github address.

The suggestion would then be for the OP'er to download the .otf files provided ( and install them using whatever method provided by their system, reload MS, and then attempt some style changes.

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