Adding new instruments for Messiaen, Adès, Ligeti, and Matthews

• Apr 21, 2021 - 16:54

I need some new instruments what Sibelius and Finale has (I think). First is the aeoliphone (A.K.A. the wind maker). This is used from Messiaen's Canyons to the Stars and his opera Saint Francis of Assisi. When you turn it, it sounds like a vaccuum (to me).
Second is the geophone (or ocean drum). Used in Messiaen's Canyons to the Stars, Saint Francis of Assisi, and Adès's scores like Asyla and These premises are alarmed... The ocean drum in the inside has small pellets. And when you turn it sideways, it sounds like the ocean (It's called ocean drum for a reason, y'know?)
Third is the whip. Mostly I'm just going to talk about the sound. The soundfont when you use the whip sounds like a woodblock. I don't know, it just doesn't sound right to me.
Fourth is the tin cans. This is my favorite percussion instrument, now Adès used these in Asyla, there are 3 tin cans (you can add more if you want)
Edit: I have recently made some soundfonts a day ago, here they are:…………


Most likely if these instruments are used at all commonly,. you can find a soundfont that contains them - see the Handbook under Soundfonts for more information. But since they are not part of the General MIDI standard, no standard soundfont will be likely to provide them (which is why they aren't there by default). You'll need to find a specialty soundfont for these.

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I also recommend reading the whole Handbook when you have time. But also, no need for a specific page number. Use the online Handbook - right here on this site under the Support menu, or Help / Online Handbook from within MuseScore. zyou will see the table of contents. Then just look for the word "soundfont" and click the link. Same for any other term anyone ever suggests you look up in the Handbook.

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