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• Apr 21, 2021 - 20:20


I'm having an issue with the function of a coda. It's working fine for me, but the issue is I cannot get it to correspond to my sheet music.

The sheet music instructs the player to jump to the coda on the third time playing through (it repeats twice). But when I add the "to coda" feature, it jumps during the second repeat.

Is there a way to fix this?

I've attached a picture of the part of the sheet music I'm transcribing from. (3 fois means 3rd time in french, ignore the other writing)


Hard to tell from just a picture, but that isn't really a standard thing that musical notation has a way of representing. You can add text explanations to your score in effort to try to get human musicians to understand your intent, but MuseScore's own playback might only understand the more standard interpretation. If you haven't already turned on "play repeats" in your DS or DC, try that and maybe it will work, but there wouldn't be a way to control which repeat it happens on, so either it does what you want or not.

Your coda marking asks for the "3rd time", but is part of a volta that is only played on the "2nd time"...
More context (or preferably the actual score .mscz) is needed to help you out.

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Here is the complete score. Don't worry about the "Sol7", "Réº", etc. markings above the bar - these are just solfège chord markings (do, ré, mi, fa, sol, la, ti)

This is the only recording of the piece for reference .. the coda is at the very end when he says "presto" but it is not played as the score is written

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If you entered the symbols as they are on that image, then indeed MuseScore won't follow them. The historical notation of using a segno both as the jump instruction as well as the location marker is not understood by MuseScore.

However, you can get your playback by either using the "new standards" or by using them and then change up their texts to make it look like the historical notation.
So all I did for the 2nd version was double click the markers in the score and copy-paste their symbols into each other, then scaled text size to match.

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