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• Apr 21, 2021 - 22:28

I'm just learning to work with Musescore, and I'm copying the bass line from some sheet music I have into Musescore. One of the jumps, "To coda" or more specifically "to (coda symbol)" isn't working. it just passes by when playing what I have copied. I'm sure I've copied it as it is written, but it's still not working. Are there any common or basic errors that I might have made that would have caused this?


Check the following:

  1. is there a coda sign to jump to?
  2. Is the coda sign located after the To Coda?
  3. Is there a DC al Coda, or a DS al Coda? The jump to Coda only happens the second time the To Coda is encountered.
  4. If there is a DS al Coda is there a segno to jump to and is it located before the To Coda
  5. Is there also a Fine sign - if so delete it. You can't have that as well as a coda.
  6. Do all the start and end repeat signs match up. Every ||: must have a :|| and vice versa (except a ||: at the very start can be omitted).
  7. Have you nested repeats? If so, don't! They are not a thing in standard musical notation.

If you have checked all those and read this: https://musescore.org/en/handbook/3/repeats-and-jumps and still can't get it to work, attach the score here and describe the play order you actually want.

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The To Coda instruction means Don't play what comes next, play the Coda instead. So, if we have Section A, To Coda, Section B, Coda and the To Coda is honoured as soon as it is encountered, Section B would never be played. What is needed is Section A, To Coda, Section B, Go back to the start of Section A but this time follow the To Coda instruction, Coda.

The instruction DC al Coda is shorthand for Go back to the start of Section A but this time follow the To Coda instruction. Without it a musician would shrug and do something, but perhaps not what you want. MuseScore behaves similarly, but without the shrug

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