Different versions for win and linux

• Apr 22, 2021 - 15:07

Hi there,

is there a reason why the latest stable versions for Windows(3.6.2) and Linux(3.2.3) differ? This way, it is not possible to open scores created on windows on linux systems.



There is not and it does not. A new version always gets releaes for all platforms at the very same moment.
For Linux that'd be the AppImage available from the download page if this site here.

Some Linux distribution though are woefully behind with their packaging. But those versions are not the officially supported ones anyway (not by us here on musescore.org anyway), only the AppImages are.

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Linux packages are updated whenever the package maintainer feels like it - this is outside our control. But that's part of why we provide the official version ourselves - the AppImage you download from this site. That way users aren't dependent on if/when package maintainers build and integrate an update. So Plus there is no guarantee third parties know how to build MuseScore properly, and there have been quite a few bugs over the years that turned out to be on account of those issues. That's why we always recommend the ApImage, which is always up to date and which we build and support ourselves.

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