High notes not playing in playback

• Apr 22, 2021 - 20:12

Whenever I put a note in the high register of the xylophone, it plays when placing/selecting the note in the chord, but it doesn't seem to play during playback. The notes were originally in the "amateur" range, and I expanded it to include the high notes, and they still won't play in playback for some reason.

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Those notes playback for me using the default soundfont. Maybe you are using one that was sampled from an instrument that doesn't have those notes (probably most don't)? Be aware those are extremely high notes - the xylophone, after all, sounds an octave higher than written.

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That's pretty accurate in my (limited) experience. Those short bars don't have much resonance to them, probably that's how the actual instrument that was sampled sounded as well. If you have reason to believe that some xylophones would be capable of playing those high notes louder (no doubt some can!), you can increase the "velocity" for them in the Inspector to emulate the effect,

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