Line Break in the middle of the measure

• Apr 22, 2021 - 20:55

Is it possible to break the line in the middle of the measure? This is usual in classical guitar sheet because music will change, so the composer will continue in the next line. How to make it in Musescore?
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You can define a shortcut for that command in Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts if it's something you do a lot. You can also split measures by Ctrl+clicking a barline in the palette at the desired spot. One way or another you would need to select where you want the split to occur (MuseScore can't guess) - and issue the command to do the split (MuseScore can't guess that either). Saving the extra fraction of a second doesn't seem like something Bach would be too worried about :-), but if you personally expect to do this some often that those half seconds would add up, most likely a plugin could be written to combine these two operations into a single keystroke.

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