Is it possible to view a Part and also hear other Parts?

• Apr 23, 2021 - 08:20

When I'm viewing a Part it seems that Musescore "solos" the Part and no other Parts are sounded.

Does Musescore offer an option for hearing a selected Part simultaneiously hearing one or more parts, even all other parts? This would be most helpful. Reading from a single Part is less distracting than reading from a score or a collection of Parts.

In "Part view "I would like to proof read, arrange and compose in a Part while hearing other Parts for context.

I looked in these areas of the handbook for insight:

... but I don't see any discussion of playback control (automatic Part soloing / unmuting other parts) while viewing a particular Part.

Am I missing something?



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Jojo wrote >> Check the Mixer, on a part, and untick "Play part only"

Perfect. Thanks Jojo!

Jojo wrote >> Probably should get added to the handbook

I tried to add this to the handbook above Create All Parts, but I'm not sure it took:

Part Playback

Musescore "solos" the Part you're viewing during playback—i.e. no other Parts sound. This is because the Mixer’s “Play Part Only” box is checked by default.

Uncheck the “Play Part Only” checkbox if you want hear all play enabled tracks while viewing a Part. Additionally you can use the Mixer's mute and solo buttons to achieve various partial mixes of all available tracks. This can prove quite helpful because it allows you to proofread, arrange and compose within any Part while hearing other tracks for context.

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