Voltas do not play correctly after exporting the file to MP3

• Apr 23, 2021 - 09:57

I created a simple musescore file that contains a repeat and two voltas. I noticed that after exporting the file to MP3, the MP3 file does not play correctly: the repeat is ignored and the second volta follows immediately after the first one. Additionaly, the musescore file itself is now corrupted and ignores the repeat.

Is this a technical issue? I think my writing of the repeat and voltas is correct.

I have added the file, you can easily test the issue by exporting the file to mp3.

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Test.mscz 6.91 KB


Make sure to have the "play repeats" toolbar button enabled; mp3 export honors it.

Also consider upgrading to 3.6.2 as that score is from an older version.

Is the "Play repeats" button in the toolbar active (looks like an end repeat barline":|")
It play the repats as it should here in my machine.

Score stems from 3.4.2, time to update to 3.6.2...

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