converted music has wrong time signatures.

• Apr 23, 2021 - 12:25

How to add and change time signatures without changing the music?
If I change time signature all measures change.
But the notes are converted as they should be, but time signatures are lost. (some became rest) Cannot remove a rest after change of time signature.
Mscore can change notes when a time signature is added, but cannot change notes when rest is deleted?

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That score doesn't have a time signature, not a vilible opne at least, so 4/4 is assumed. You can therefor apply a 4/4 time sig without the score changing.
However, many measures do have more or less contete, note the little + or - in the upper right of those measures. If you use a non-4/4 timesig, everything gets reshuffled to fit that, makeing all measures regular again, all measures matching that timesig, no + or - any more.

The file apparently stems from a MusicXML import, can you share that file?
Ah, actually the result of a PDF import, from https://musescore-com/import, so we'd rather need to look at that PDF. OTOH PDF import quite often creates such a mess...

You can delete beats (notes or rests) from the system via Ctrl+Del

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