Custom time signature text not showing before multimeasure rests

• Apr 25, 2021 - 05:28

So I am working on an arrangement in 4+3/4 (same amount of beats as 7/4) and so I created a custom time signature with the text reflecting that, however in some of my part scores the text is displayed as 7/4 instead 4+3/4. In these parts there is a 2 bar multimeasure rest. Whenever I break up the multimeasure rest the text displays properly, but changes back to 7/4 when I restore it to a multimeasure rest (after saving). I have tried editing the text properties of the time signature in the part score, nothing changed. I have tried turning off courtesy time signatures, nothing changed. I don't want to remove the parts, re-add them and see if that work because I have spent a long time on the spacing and engraving of each part. What can I do to fix this? I have attached images to show my problem

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Hi Marc, sorry this is really late but I've been really busy. I'd love for you to have a look at my score to assist me in my problems. Is there a way I can send to you directly? I have a few more issues on this score, and it would better to explain then as it does involve this thread topic.

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Hi Mark. Thanks for letting me know about this, I'll keep it in mind for any later problems. I'll post the chart here. There is also an additional problem with the 1st time volta at measures 16-19. Playback will always skips these measures, and if you try to start the playback from within the volta, it just starts playing from a completely different place (measures 43-49 depending on which bar is selected). This happens in the part scores too. If possible can you please look at this as well? Thanks for everything

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Hi Marc, yes you are correct. This does appear in the alto sax 1 part score as well as the alto 2, tenor 1, tenor 2, all trumpets and all bones. The issue is that even after reverting the time signature using the technique you described DOES NOT SAVE. After saving the change, it just goes back to saying 7/4. Hence why I am on here discussing this. This was all discussed in the original message when I started this thread

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Indeed, sorry. It's can be hard to keep track of when a description of an issue is in one place but the steps to reproduce are in another and the score itself in another.

It seems likely this is related to, if not the same as, #298174: Custom time signatures in parts. Could you post there and attach the score along with the precise steps to reproduce the problem (including the part about saving and reloading?)

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