Repeats and Jumps

• Apr 30, 2021 - 12:02

I'm haven't used Repeats and Jumps except one time, I need help with using them. I want the lyrics (Chorus) played 2 times in full, but I want it to play a third time but just with the lyrics I need some of that, then skips to the empty bar, but instead it goes To Coda the first time instead of the third time, how can I fix this??


Your description is not entirely clear.
And your screenshot is incomplete, but there doesn't seem to be any repeats in that score?

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No, a Jump isn't a Repeat. Repeats are driven by repeat barlines and follow the "normal" flow of the music. A jump breaks this normal flow and is taken on the last "normal" repeat of the measure containing the jump instruction.

Unfortunately your intended roadmap is still not clear to me. Please notate it using measure numbers only and then we can show you possible ways of notating it.

Your roadmap is not clear. There a D.C al coda, a Segno, a D.S. al Coda and To Coda and a Coda, when do you want to jump from where to where?

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Ok, so where the lyrics start I need some of that... I want those bars to play twice as how the lyrics are sung as there’s 2 set of lyrics sung after each other (I need some of that, it’s just what I need, I need to jump back and play the bar again for the second line, I need some of that we’ll be riding our ten speeds), he sings a third time but only the lyrics I need some of that, i want those bars played twice, when played a third time after the lyrics I need some of that I want the coda to jump to the empty bars, but instead it jumps To Coda the first time not the third time. Hope that makes more sense

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