Musescore 4 and M1 based computers

• May 1, 2021 - 10:22

Apple's M1 chip appears to work wonders for some applications - though maybe only the ones which Apple develops or approves of. I'm assuming that development of MS 4 is being done on other systems, and that no specific attempt will be made to exploit development features which Apple may provide on its new hardware systems.

Apple isn't always very helpful when it comes to software development by third party developers, but I did wonder if there are any benefits to be had by at least investigating possibilities in that direction. Presumably MS - both current and future - will run well in the Rosetta 2 environment anyway.


MuseScore 3 at least has been reported to work well in Apple's M1 chip in the Rosetta environment.
I have no reason to assume MuscScore 4 won't.

MuseScore 4 will most probably run well using Rosetta. There are also plans to make it run natively on M1, however up to now I believe this has not been worked on yet. This also depends on third-party software MuseScore depends on.

If I had access to an M1 Mac, I would happily look into this.

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