Trying to convert PDF to mscz but sections don't sound right

• May 3, 2021 - 08:29

Hi All, I've been doing pretty well with converting a lot of PDF music I have to mscz, but when it came to this file I just am completely stumped. I used the import feature musescore provides, but the section that starts on the 8th measure sounds completely off, and I've tried everything in my power to correct it. I'm stumped and would appreciate some help. mscz and pdf are both attached.


I tried to convert your pdf file with a local version of audiveris and it looks to me that the quality is not good enough for optical music recognition. There are a lot of issues that have to be corrected like in your mscz file.

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A warning appears about a corrupted file as the .mscz file is opened. I guess this has happened because of optical recognition. Ignore that and carry on.

When I look at your score in MS 3.6.2 several the bar lengths have been changed compared with the PDF - indicated by the + and - signs above the staves.

If you go to the bars with the + or - signs above them, then use CTRL-click you should see a drop down menu. Choose Bar properties, and then set (reset) the bar length to what you expect. I think that should solve a lot of the problems, but you might have to do thar right from the start. A fairly simple check is whether the bar numbering looks right. If the second line doesn't start on bar 7, then I think you'll need to fix the first line before correcting the next one.

In other words, if a bar should be 4/4 it might show up as 11/8. Reset to 4/4 - and the "extra" notes will then be reassigned to the next bar - but that may then correct the issues. It is also possible that fixing a problem with one bar may put a problem into the next! Good luck with that.

Some of the notes tied over bar lines haven't worked properly either, with rests being inserted at the start of the bar. Make sure you distinguish between slurs and ties when fixing that.

Sorrry - though the triplets aren't right - maybe that's what you really need to fix. I've tried to get you started - you probably need to go through and fix every bar where the triplets are a problem. You can do that by copying bits which are OK (say the rhythm), then adjusting the notes.


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