Unroll limitations

• May 3, 2021 - 14:34

When I unroll a score, a number of things happen that require additional attention afterwards.

  1. Ties into a volta will result in hanging ties in the unrolled score. To avoid this, I delete the ties in the source score before unrolling.

  2. Some slurs in the source score show up in the target, while others do not. There seems to be no rhyme or reason why this happens.

  3. When the there is a repeat in the opening measures of a score, the tempo marking will repeated in the target score. (Now that I see this on the page, it makes sense, but it's still something I have to fix afterwards.) The same repetition applies to the key signature if the opening contained a repeat, but oddly enough, not the time signature.

  4. Lyrics from all verses in the source score are copied in full to the target, and need to be edited out. The copied lyrics still retain their verse data, so this is a simple process, but it is quite time consuming. Is there another way to do this?

  5. Much like MS has difficulty tracking dynamics in D.S. and Coda jumps, it also cannot apply them upon unrolling a score.

I might have thought that the unroll operation would be able to track these details, and apply them in the target score but it appears that MS is not able to do so as of yet. I don't consider these bugs per se, but more as something that might be considered when updating the unroll feature.


Further to this, I notice that upon unroll, some items which had been marked invisible in the source score (lines, dynamics, etc.) are visible in the target score. Some retain their invisibility, so that is a mystery to me. Also, Hairpins and slurs seem to pop up at random spots in the target score... another mystery.

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Coming back to this again after a month or so.
I don't use unroll often, (I haven't used it since I first posted this topic) so I tend to forget that there are certain things that I have to do and/or redo when I use this operation.

I find that after unroll, I have to scour my scores for strange, extraneous, or missing elements. In particular, ties into voltas result in improper ties in the unrolled score.

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