Big Sur

• May 6, 2021 - 10:24

running the latest version of Big Sur on my mini. Downloaded the app and installed it. However the resulting icon is grayed out and I won't launch. I sent an email to Support asking whether it's compatible with Big Sur, and the answer was look at the forums and post a question. Well the linked article on the forum house one individual saying it works fine and two or three other individual saying they think it should work. None of this is consistent with the fact that having downloaded and installed it The icon is grayed out as if this is not a 64-bit program. I guess with the software or since it's free all you can do there's like no really there's no definitive answers which is so weird


I'm interested in this as I've not migrated from Catalina to Big Sur - yet - but I've been thinking about it.
I got really bitten when "upgrading" from an earlier version to Catalina - and a whole bunch of software became useless. However, it was too much hassle to try to revert - and I have other machines which are still running earlier MacOS versions.

Apple are trying to stamp out anything which is either (a) not authorised/verified by them and (b) older - 32 bit software - allegedly for performance and reliability reasons.

The reasons for the constraints are not totally unreasonable - though some of the issues - particularly with respect to verification - do seem like sharp practice.

I would be interested if anyone already has MS working with Big Sur, and if there are any problems.

For me, MuseScore runs reliably on macOS Big Sur. I wonder why it does not for you.
Could you post a screenshot of the icon being grayed out?
If you double-click the icon, what happens? Is there an error message, and it yes, could you post that too?
Have you also tried running MuseScore directly from the downloaded .dmg disk image, by just double-clicking the icon without dragging it to the Applications folder?

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