Early music features - Add scordatura signature

• May 6, 2021 - 12:06

It is placed at the begining of staff, indices tuning of instrument. In real world, I saw two styles of placing it. I presonaly prefer second one.

It could be inserted like
- user create coresponding chord and click "create scordatura sign"
- or by entering note names.


It is possible to fake it - use a workaround.


This was generated using MuseScore plus also an external file. The external file is the image shown to the left of the word "Violin". It is created by using a MS stave and putting notes on it. Crotchets will do - then make the stems invisible in the Inspector. Then take a snapshot - in print mode - and note the file name.

A horizontal frame or some other spacing device can be used to create more space before the staves. Then select the first bar, and add in the image. Position it carefully. This might have to be done more than once to get a good result. The word "Scordatura" shown here is then added as text.

I agree it would be better if this could be done without this, but it does work, so if not needed too often will solve the problem.

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