No Midi input on Windows 10 x64 version

• May 7, 2021 - 16:07

Like many others I have blank input boxes on the select I/O input section, but Musicscore3 on the advanced tab assures me that they are set to USB2.0-MIDI both for input and output. See screenshots
I have checked using a midi monitor and it detects both input strings and I can use a keyboard to send out to the midi keyboard. See screenshots
But music score is unable to read notes input, following the video on You tube and instructions on the forum. The Midi keyboard is plugged in before running Musicscore3, set to note input and midi icon selected for input.
But there is none!
I have the latest version of MusicScore3.
How do I get Musicscore to annotate the notes I am playing from the keyboard?

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Just seen a new update and downloaded Musicscore3 version 3.62.548021803
Revision 3224f34
This has now filled in the boxes under I/O and I can now properly input midi from a keyboard.

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