Musescore interfacce with a digital piano

• May 10, 2021 - 08:37

I have been using Musescore for a number of years to write scores as exercises and little compositions. I use a PC, with WINDOWS 7 professional, which I know is old, but that is what I have available.
I am now thinking of buying a Roland digital piano and hoping that the digital piano will play the scores I've written in the same way they are played by the synthesiser in my pc. I think the Roland has Bluetooth capability/not sure if my pc does, but a wired connection is fine too.
What would I use to interface the PC and the digital piano, and how would I modify/create scores, just like I do without the piano, but with the sound created within the piano's synthesiser, rather than the one in my PC.
I am aware that I can create MIDI files using MUSCORE and "somehow" load them to the synthesiser (D piano), but (1) I don't know how I would load them and (2) I am aware that MIDI files have some dynamics limitations it would be nice to avoid if that is possible.
It's also not clear to me that if I have multiple instruments represented in my scores, whether that would translate into instructions for the same instruments on the external synthesiser (digital piano).

Thanks for any help,


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