Metric modulation with double dotted Notes

• May 10, 2021 - 14:14


there has been a lot of discussion concerning metric modulation, but i have'nt been able to find a thread about double-dotted notes.

Here is what i am planning to do. I have a 7/4 measure with the on beat on a quarter note followed by a dotted eighth note. So basically a double-dotted quarter note.
This would mean, that if a double-dotted quarter note would equal a quarter note in another measure, we would have a normal 4/4 measure with 4 quarter notes.
Regardless of this would be a useful thing to do i want to know, how to set it in MuseScore.
Howether i don't just want it to be displayed like that, but also beeing realised as a BPM change and i would be grateful to know, how this would be possible.

Thank you very much in advance


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