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• May 10, 2021 - 16:25

I have a piece (attached) with repeated sections ABBA and not wanting to have the score written out without repeats.
It's not a Swedish girl band.
I know this is a musical rather than a MS question, but putting section A in repeats was the only way of getting the playback to work.
I can't help feeling that to the singer it looks wrong at the end of section A, as if he has to repeat that section straightaway.
I've used Fine and DC al Fine to achieve all this, as you can see.
Thanks for your help in anticipation

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I'm not sure what you're getting at.... I've tried it with and without the repeat check box. I've deliberately speeded up the score, you can see that it actually repeats correctly, but there must be a simpler way to achieve this without having repeat marks in section A? This is a boundary question between Musescore and music I do realise!
If it was A followed by A followed by B followed by B it would be a doddle. But it's not.

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That measure under the 2nd volta is in fact a coda. It needs to go at the end, after the B section. Replace the Fine with a To Coda and replace the DC al Fine with a DC al Coda. Then get rid of the voltas and the repeats on the A section They don't work that way in MuseScore or in standard music notation.

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Well, you can move the To Coda back a few bars and copy the intervening bars to the Coda if you want it longer. The double bar at the end of bar 34 (real numbering, but bar 30 according to yours) might be a convenient spot to put a To Coda. You could then copy every thing after that to the start of section B and put it in the Coda (after inserting the appropriate number of bars to accept the copied section of course).

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Steve, I have been asking around my musical colleagues. One friend (who is a fairly well known conductor but I won't embarrass him by name dropping...) has confirmed that this is a "hole in the road" as far as musical notation goes, and was of particular annoyance to Beethoven (in his 9th Symphony) and Johann Strauss in his Radetzky march.
So, in A-B-B-A sequenced pieces of music, where A finishes differently the second time round, there is no official guidance for notating the order of playing except for writing out A a second time, adding several pages of music! He says that the "To Coda" method is confusing to his orchestral players and always needs explaining out loud, so I've rejected that .
However, thanks for you help, and rest assured your suggestions were gratefully received. It may be interesting for Musescore engineers to consider how different 1st time / 2nd time bars might be used when there's no actual repeat sign - the musicians are only coming back to section A after venturing into other sections!
I have expanded the score to show the section A twice, once at the beginning and once at the end, and this is how it has to play.
Monteverdi 9.0.mscz

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I don't think a Coda should cause confusion to any reasonably experienced player but can cause much inconvenience if the Coda is several pages away from the To Coda sign (a recipe for parts on the floor, torn pages, missed entries etc.) Writing out repeats is always a good solution. I have had some very frustrating rehearsals where explaining the "route map" has taken more time than actually playing the piece. Paper and ink are generally cheaper than rehearsal time, so the composer should always do whatever needs doing anything to avoid potential confusion about playing order even if it makes the score longer

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