My Second Sopranos have disappeared!

• May 11, 2021 - 21:57

Hi guys,
Please help..
I added measures to a piece (soprano, sop 2, alto and piano staves) after I had written one verse - I added the measures into the beginning. Then I did some copying and pasting. Now I have the problem that the soprano 2 line has disappeared. When I go to staff properties I have selected to 'never hide when empty' but still I have all parts on one page and none on the other.
I'm going nuts! Please help me to find the staff so that I can keep writing - I'm on a deadline!
Attached is a screenshot of both pages - to the right see that there's all voices and the left no second sopranos. And also a shot of the staff properties box.


If anyone has a good way of making tenors disappear (one in particular) I'd be happy to hear about it. (Frustrated choir conductor).

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