Cannot get divisi choral parts

• May 12, 2021 - 20:55

I had previously, with Version 3, been able to divide my Altos and so on, with two lines and note tails behaving. Now, by the trick of making a new note entry, can create only 'chords' - not independent lines. Once line I managed it, by clicking the 1234 parts option/tool; but it isn't consistently working; 90% of the time it is not allowing the Choir Sections to be written for divisi. How can this be resolved?

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For independent lines you need to use voices. See

Note, here the term "voice" just means an independent line. It has nothing particularly to do with sopranos, altos, tenors or basses. Any piece of music can have a number of voices - independent lines - even piano music and with no singers in sight.

Also note that every stave has up to 4 voices and each one should have at least voice 1. A common mistake is to use voice 1 and 2 on stave 1 and then voices 3 and 4 on stave 2 etc. Use voice 1 and 2 on stave 1 and voice 1 and 2 on stave 2 etc.

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