Musescore Handbook for Visually Impaired

• May 15, 2021 - 06:14

My wife is visually impaired.

The downloadable pdf appears to be written using the LiberationSans font in 9pt which is very difficult for visually impaired person to read.
I ideally I would like the font to be in the 11-12pt range.
Does the "hardcopy / printed" version of the handbook exist with a larger and darker font.
I can print it "enlarged" ie scaled up by 140% to fit on A3 page ... but handling A# sized pages is not as convenient as A4. It is possible to display it larger on a screen, but once again my wife finds it easier and more convenient to read & digest on paper copy than off a screen.

Maybe a suggestion that consideration be given to using a larger font (at the downside of additional pages) in the future for "hardcopy" printing of the handbook or any other suggestions for a workaround.


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Thank you for giving link to this instance of the Handbook.
Through some trial and error (Firefox wizard users probably already know this), I have discovered that.
1. Zooming in / out in Firefox although it changes tha Font size and pagination onscreen, it has no impact on the printed copy.
2. Using the 'Zoom" or "scaling" factor in printer dialog will change size of font, but not pagination and pages zoomed to an acceptable print size for my wife overflow off the page as they are too large for the physical paper/

The solution that produces the desired outcome.
In Firefox Tools Menu --> Options --> Fonts & Colors --> Advanced --> Set the Min Font size to 16
I dont think the option "Allow pages to choose their own fonts, instead of your selections above" had any impact in my system / printer setup.
I can then "Print to PDF:" to create a pdf document (on A4 paper size) which suits our needs re readability.

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Or you can use the "save" option as suggested by Jojo, then open the result with MS-Word and arrange the font size like you want before printing.
Select all in Firefox and paste into MS-Word would also work.
If you don't have MS-Word you may try with Libre Office

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