importing an .xml from Sib or Finale, barlines invisible etc

• May 16, 2021 - 17:37

Hi, I have kept trying to move some works from Sib and Finale, however I find that barlines are gone on some pages among other issues, I am trying "Tools-Measure-Join selected measures, but have to say i am lost, I know you guys would solve it in a minute, grateful for tips how to work it out. Maybe I'm expecting too much, but I feel a bit tired of facing this kind of problem on any score when transferring...but I also suppose I'm using some bad export-import methods, although I have tried a few different

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Thank you for reviewing it, yeah ok I understand I have to deal with this when it comes to certain scores with bar changes etc. Although I have to say after looking a bit more into MS it really seems to have great capabilitiy. I’ll keep trying learn more day by day

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I keep editing my .sib files library, now I encountered a downside in comparison as far as I can understand. Musescore doesn't automatically play a gliss,? what do I have to do extra in order to have it playing a glissando (see attached file)

Also, with mutes it seems it's not playing back based upon the text cup mute , straight mute, what do I have to do more in order to get those two muted trumpet sounding correctly? (see attached file) In sibelius it plays back automatically based on the text as far as I remember

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That's not much of a gliss, compare this:
with this, after resetting its position to default:
So it does gliss up a semitone... so yes, glissandos do work in MuseScore

And those mutes won't do much either, a trumpet with the sound of a guitar??
But in general mutes do work for trmupets (and for guitars too) in MuseScore, there a 'mute' in the text palette that should do the trick (there only one mute though, for either instrument)

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I'm looking for a trumpet glass (pressing valves and making a gliss about an octave)

in my piece there are both cup mute and straight mute which are very different in sound, so that's obviously a limit not able to make those different sounds, I guess I need to try a bit more with the glissando and see if I can get it working, any ideas are much appreciated

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I have been using Sonatine Orchestral sound font, however it seems not working playing any muted trumpets,
ok, so Glissando playback would therefore be a bit complicated, hopefully both these shortcomings in comparison to Sibelius will be improved in coming versions, after working regularly a few weeks trying to convert my sib files, I have to say that Musescore has a lot of good stuff

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You may be able to get a half-valve gliss sound that suits your liking by setting the play style to Portamento in the Inspector, and adjusting the Ease In slider to taste. There are limitations to this, and workarounds to get the correct gliss speed, but you may like the effect.

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