Page fill threshold is missing in 2.0

• Sep 3, 2014 - 23:52

The page fill threshold option is missing. I have looked for it in every possible place but it is nowhere to be found. Does anyone know if this is a bug?


No, it's just been reaced by something better. There are now minimum and maximum system distanc settings. The min setting is basically the old system distance - it specifies the starting amount for system distance. But whereas the fill threshold was an all of nothing affair - your systems were at the min distance or they were stretched all the way to the bottom of the page - the max setting lets you have a middle vround if you want, so relatively empty pages get some extra but don't necessarily have to fill the entire page. Takes a minute to get used to the difference, but it's much more flexible without actually adding more complexity.

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Thank you! However, I'll have to disagree on this being better. I actually like to have my pages flushed to the bottom but this change means I won't be able to achieve that. This option should have been added without removing the fill threshold, so users could decide which one of the two approaches to use. Users who didn't like their pages filled entirely could have always set the fill threshold to 100%, so there was no need to remove it. Now, all the people like me, who like the old behaviour, can't use it anymore. To satisfy the needs of one group of people, the needs of another group have been disregarded. Honestly, I fail to see the benefit of that.
I apologise if my response sounds a bit rude. Not my intention at all. I appreciate very much your help.

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Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately, it doesn't work on an orchestral score. I now realise Musescore considers all the staves as one system, instead of each group (woodwinds, brass, strings) as an independent system. And, since I have only one system per page, nothing happens when I change the values for minimum and maximum distance between systems.
Maybe I should clarify what I need. I'm trying to create an orchestral score in Musescore 2.0 Beta and I want the same distance between the last staff (double bass) and the bottom of the page, on all pages. Now, is that possible at all?

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Are you using "hide empty staves"? I am guessing so, or else you'd already be seeing the same bottom margins. There is no automatic facility to adding space *within* a system. You'll need to use staff spacers I guess if the consistent bottom margin is important to you.

But to be clear - this has *never* been possible. There is my knowledge nothing you could do in 1.3 with the threshold that can't be done in 2.0, but tons of things that can be done now that couldn't be done before. If you have a score where you are having trouble doing something you used to be able to do in 1.3, please post it and I'll bet we can show you how to do what you want.

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Thank you! No, I'm not using "hide empty staves". The bottom margin of the first page is different because of the title frame, but on all pages there's a wide space between the bottom staff (double bass) and the bottom margin of the page.
I have never tried to create an orchestral score in Musescore before so I couldn't tell if this was possible on 1.3

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If you aren't using Hide Empty Staves, then at least it's the *same* bottom margin on all pages (except the first - you may wish to consider having a separate title page if having consistent margins even for the first page is important to you). So in that case, it's just a matter of increasing *staff* distance to fill the page to your liking. Either globally for all staves via Style setting, or else maybe adding extra space between woodwinds and brass, brass and percussion, and/or percussion and strings. In 1.3 adding space between sections would have been impossible - wel, aside from going through and adding spacers to each and every system. But in 2.0, it's as simple as dragging the top brass staff down, and you'll now have extra space between woodwinds and brass throughout the score.

So again, 2.0 Beta 1 really is *better* in this respect - it can do everything 1.3 can do, and many things it cannot as well.

BTW, another option is to simply in rease the overall size of the music - Layout / Page Settings / Space.

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Btw, when you say that users who didn't want their pages filled in 1.3 could set the threshold to 100% - well, yes, but as I said, that was all or nothing. You had two and only two choices for how a page looked - either the page was filled completely or not at all. That is, the distance between systems was either exactly the "system distance" as set in the style, or it ballooned to whatever it took to fill the entire page. There was no in-between; no way to say "if there is room at the bottom of the page, then spread the systems out *a little*, but don't go crazy and fill the entire page so there are enormous gaps between the systems.

The new scheme allows both of the two behaviors you could get in 1.3 - a page hat doesn't cill at all or a page that fills completely - but it *also* allows for settings in between those two extremes. So yes, it really is better. No one's needs were ignored.

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