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• May 16, 2021 - 20:17

Hi all,
Pretty Pretty PLEASE add copy part layout.
After writing an arrangement, grooming up a part to look great takes about 20 minutes. If you have copy part layout, the subsequent parts take about one minute each to groom. Without it, each part takes another 20 minutes.
Basically unusable without it, for me anyway.
Fingers crossed.


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Doesn't serve the purpose unless I'm doing something wrong.
I created a part for the first trombone - mainly tweaking how many bars there are per stave. I saved it as a style using "save style...." in the format drop down menu.
Then I created a part for the 2nd trombone; and loaded the trombone 1 style using "load style..." in the same menu.
The format of how many bars per line did not conform. The whole point of "copy part layout" is to not have to spend 10 minutes or more per part manually tweaking the line breaks. Maybe I missed a step?

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The thing is, each part is normally different, it doesn't generally make sense in most real world situations to use the same breaks for each part. But there are certainly some situations, especially within a single section (trombone section etc) where it could. So a plugin to just copy breaks from one part to selected others could indeed be useful someday.

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On the contrary Marc. In 90 percent of the real world situations I face as an arranger of rhythm section, horn section and string section pop and jazz music, it makes perfect sense to copy the part layout as a start, then tweak if necessary. Sibelius having that feature saved me many many hours of entering system breaks and moving around text and symbols in the hundreds of charts I wrote over the last couple of years.
A plug in would be great.
On a positive note, I find Musescore to be way better than Sibelius at intuitively (out of the box) putting symbols and text in the right place - pretty much taking care of the need to copy those things from one part to another.

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