Da Capo al Fine does not jump to Fine

• May 17, 2021 - 17:50

I have imported a score (via another scan softeware) and worked it over according to the original sheet.

I put in the voltas and D.C. al Fine works, but not perfectly, because it does not jump to Fine.

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I think the issue is, the notation you are using here is kind of non-standard, "to next strain" is not a notationally correct thing to do at the end of a 1st ending. It's really meant only for repeated passages. So all bets are off as to how this will play back. The thing you are calling a second ending and a fine in bar 16 is actually a coda. Adding it that way - putting it at the end accompanied by a coda sign, converting the first ending in 15 to a "to coda", would be more correct, would make way more sense to people reading, and would play back correctly as well.

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Thank you Marc,

for this comment.
I have to ask my saxophone teacher, because indeed I do not understand the notation syntax good enough. Sometimes the sheets you buy in the internet are not completely correct.
Nevertheless I am astonished how much MuseScore can and for a beginner like me this software is so valuable, because it shows me, how the score really must sound.

Best regards,

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