Trill Line causing playback bugs

• May 17, 2021 - 21:16

Im gonna try this again since i got no response on my first attempt 2 weeks ago. Im on Musescore 3 version 3.6.2, and im having an unusual problem with trill lines on the piano instrument. Near the end of the trill duration, it causes the playback of other instruments to go haywire, and im not sure why. The file below is the section in question, and ive provided a part with the trill, and without it immediately after to show that the trill is the issue and not something else.

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The only difference between the two sections when I play that file is that the first section has a trill on the piano and the second one doesn't. Nothing goes haywire. So perhaps there is something about your set up that I don't have that is causing your problem.

More information is needed:
What sort of haywire are you experiencing?
What version of MuseScore?
What operating system?
Does a save and reload fix the problem?
Does restarting musescore and reloading fix the problem?
Does resetting to factory defaults fix the problem?
Are you using non-standard soundfonts and if so which ones?

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Near the end of the trill line, some piano notes cut out, and then when all the intruments are supposed to come back in, only the strings do, and they sort of alternate between beats, and near the end, all the other instruments starts to slowly return. Its very difficult to explain. Is there any way for me to post an mp3 file here so you can hear what im hearing from my system?
OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (32-bit):, revision: 3224f34
Save and reload does not fix it, nor does closing and reopening musescore 3
I have extra soundfonts loaded in musescore 3, but im not using any of them in this score.

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Strange indeed...I believe my system behaves sort of the same as yours. Only the first time it seems to work, but the second time it plays different. Perhaps it depends when I stop playback and then start from the beginning again. When I disable playback on the trill line (in the inspector window) all sounds normal.
Also had a good result by going into "Preferences -> IO tab" and select "restart audio and midi devices".

Oddly enough, after the restart of the audio devices, things keep working correct.

About mp3 recording, there is software (like Audacity) which will let you record what you hear but it depends on drivers/settings if you have this option or not.

Did you test with exporting to mp3? And if so, what was the result from that?

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