Musescore and NitroPDF issues

• Sep 4, 2014 - 01:02

I print my muse-score files to PDF so that I can put several files together for one printing using NitroPDF. Recently, when converting my musescore files to NitroPDF, I get "gibberish" instead of note heads, clef signs, time signatures, accidentals. The "lines" (like staff and bar-lines) are correct, but nothing else is. What do I need to do to fix this.

NOTE: I use NitroPDF because it allows me to "append" several files together.


How are you creating the PDF? With File / Save As? If so, you could oost one here. If others can open it OK, then the problem must be with NitroPDF. If it looks bad to others to, tbe. It must be something with MuseScore. Or more particularly, with its installation - this seems to be a font issue. But I'm guessing it will turn out to be on the nitroPDF end.

Also say what version of MuseScore and what OS.

If the individual files look good, but the combined one looks bad, then the culprit is the software used to combine them. I seem to remember having had the same problem, it think it was PDF Creator. With Adobe Acrobat Pro it works. I believe it is about how/whether they deal with embedded fonts

The problem only started in the last few weeks. I have used Musescore 1.3 and Nitro Reader 3 (I am assuming NitroPDF is part of that suite) for a long time. It happens when I Print to PDF.

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