How do I add note without breaking bar line

• May 19, 2021 - 03:51

I don't know anything about music theory and when I add a note to the end of a barline it deletes itself and overwrites the bar before it and makes the next line have no bar lines

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Your description isn't entirely clear, but here's what I understood to be happening to you:

You had a score set to 4 bars per system (like the default demo score that opens up). You started entering your music. Because you do so, MuseScore adjust the bar width making the required space for your notes. Because you chose shorter duration notes, it can't fit all 4 bars within the same system any more, it thus reflows the 4th bar to the next system and then stretches out the 3 previous bars to occupy the full system.
There are no additional barlines on the (now dynamically created) 2nd system because the explicit system break (that greyed out "return"-like icon) is still attached to the 4th bar of your score, forcing the system to end prematurely.

Instead of starting from the default demo score, try using File > New to create a new score (which won't have these breaks forced on by default) and you'll notice much clearer how small empty measures are and how MuseScore reflows their widths and systems to accommodate for the music you put in.

If you're new, I really can advise you to read through (at least) the "Basic" section of the handbook once, as it will both guide you into the program flow and point out some of the terms used and functionalities available. You can start at for creating that new score.

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