Filename problem when generating a compressed MusicXML file

• May 27, 2021 - 03:04

Observed on MuseScore 5.6.2.x

When we ask MuseScore to generate a compressed MusicXML file (*.MXL), if the MXL filename (whether inherited from the filename of the source score or entered or edited by the user) contains an "&", the MXL file (although cheerfully created) is misformed, and cannot be opened by MuseScore, Overture, or other MusicXML-aware programs.

That character should be valid under the norms for filenames in Windows or MacOS.

This is hardly a big or widespread problem. But I thought I would report it.



In reply to by Jojo-Schmitz

Hi, jojo,

>>there's no MuseScore 5.3.2, I assume you mean 3.6.2 ;-)

I actually said "5.6.2", which of course is wrong. Yes, I should have said "3.6.2".

>>This is a (meanwhile) known issues see #321376: [MusicXML import] Musescore cannot open MusicXML file it created if title contains an ampersand.

Thank you so much for that cite.

This is of course not a debilitating anomaly.


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