Horn Falls create a EOF error in MIDI files

• May 28, 2021 - 17:48

OS: Windows 7 SP 1 (6.1), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 3224f34
I am having a problem with a midi file I made from an original file.
It won't play. The original file plays in MS from start to finish with no problems.
When I try to load it back into MS I get a message followed by another message saying Load Error ...Bad Format.
I've saved a copy of my first MS file, rebooted the PC, and restarted MS, but to no avail. Exporting MIDI has never caused problems before.

My score is 177 measures long. No repeats.
As an old programmer I decided to eliminate measures roughly based on a bubble sort (The Price Is Rights' Higher/Lower game).
I found the offending measure - #28. It is the only measure that uses the horn fall technique recently learned from Marc Sabatella. I truncated the rest of the score.
I have no idea how the grace notes affect the count in a measure. But, it played fine in MuseScore.


Hi, yes I saw your post on Facebook and thanks for uploading the file here. And thanks for isolating the offending measure with the horn fall. Sounds like musescores' midi impletation of that has a problem that needs to be fixed. Maybe someone who has looked at that part of code can chime in.

Great job, creative problem solving! Since my own score using that technique (the MuseScore Café theme music) doesn't produce such an error, though, there's got to be something else to it. No idea what, though.

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This is based on my ignorance, but... I suspect that I have more than 4 beats in those measures with the grace notes.

Falls fascinate me. I originally had hairpins with different destination volumes. I figure that in order to make the falls sound more convincing, they all have to have a variation from the others. Distance. Dynamics. Etc.

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I did a little more testing.
It seems that the problem is the Trumpet. It didn't matter if the 3 saxes or the bone were there.

And FWIW when I played back the MIDI without the Trumpet, I heard a fall. I don't think it was all of the instruments ... just the bari. I can identify the C.



After comparing the settings of the non-offending falls (NOFs) and the trumpet falls in the Inspector, I found no difference.

Visually I noticed that the main difference in the NOFs was the distance of the grace note away from the main note.

I moved the Trumpet's grace note at E4 up to B4 and the problem was avoided.

The exported MIDI file was loadable by both the Windows MIDI player and MS. I heard some (not all) fall in the Windows player. In MS there was no indication of the falls.

Question: Was the distance of the fall out of range for some a grace note value?

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A distance of F5 down to F4 caused no problem on the trumpet
But the distance of F5 down to E4 DID cause the problem.

This behavior was repeatable using the trombone.
One octave down OK
One octave down +1 (b9?) Failed

Sounds like this value was defined as no more than one octave.

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