Minor chords with raised 7ths in chord symbols

• Jun 3, 2021 - 03:33

In chord symbols which play along in playback how do I create a minor chord with a raised 7th ( like the second bar of Funny Valentine !)


This chord is called "minor, major seventh" and is abbreviation using your favorite abbreviations for minor and major, usually with the major seventh in parentheses to help the reader understand. So, Cmi(ma7), or Cm(Maj7), or C-(^7), etc.

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Many thanks Mark ..I knew it would be something like that ...This feature is a really great thing for teachers like me ...It gives the kids instant aural awareness of these complex chords and the ability to use them safely !!
Hope you're well ...Had the "jab" yet ??
best wishes
john Ockwell
Sydney australia

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