• Jun 5, 2021 - 16:23

Is there an addition being developed to render all 15 historic clefs in the master palette? My current version (3.6.2) only has 10 clefs. I want to explore writing out basic scores from these clefs but my version does not support it yet. I have attempted to write out these other parts by hand with inconsistent results.


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Evan Auld
Mon, Jun 7, 7:43 PM (3 days ago)
to noreply

I don't think you understood my query. The clefs do indeed all work but not all clefs are displayed that have been used over time. Granted, only four are currently used in writing. Why are all fifteen clefs not displayed in the master palette? At present only ten can be used. In theory all clefs (C, F and G) can appear on all ledger lines of the master stave and I am wondering why I can't use the clefs on all these lines? Is there a problem with writing with source code? If so there should be a way to correct the code as the other clefs are shown and can render a sound via the MIDI interface by clicking on the note.

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