During transcription, the UI resizes itself

• Jun 8, 2021 - 10:16

Is there a way to make it stop doing this.

I have an old (2012) Macbook Pro, and a secondary screen on which I have the original score of Alice Mary Smith's Symphony in C Minor in a scanned PDF form, which I am transcribing into Musescore... the entire page of the score is visible and occupies roughly half the screen. By the Way! what an elegant piece of music... this is my first-ever attempt to transcribe from a handwritten score. The other half of the screen holds Musescore's UI. I have set the page settings to:
Page size: Custom
width: 210
height: 290
stave space: 1.250

All side margins are 10mm, all top/bottom: 15mm

I'll be happily transcribing, when suddenly the MS UI suddenly adds white-space to the right of the score. When I shrink the UI to just show the score, it'll hold that setting for a while, then will quite suddenly tack on that white-space again, so I have to resize the UI again... and so it goes. Is this something that can be managed or am I stuck with this?

Hope this sort-of makes sense... :-/


When you say it "adds white-space", do you mean the score simply scrolled, or that the window physically got larger? I vaguely some older version of MuseScore having a bug like that on macOS, haven't heard any reports in years so I assumed it was fixed. What version of MuseScore?

If you simply mean the score scrolled but the window size stayed the same, no need to resize anything, just scroll the score normally using your mouse wheel or touchpad or whatever device you normally use.

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Sorry for not replying sooner, Marc. The window physically gets larger in Musescore (I believe this is the current version) when I go from the hand-written score document back to Musescore. One thing I hadn't done is actually create a workspace which I have since done as I needed to customise my palette... doing this seemed to have fixed the problem at first; however, after a while the window resizes itself again. Perhaps, just postulating here - that margins might have something to do with it. Since I don't plan on printing, ever, but exporting to a DAW, I might try setting left and right margins to 0.

Thank you for your response.

ETA: I changed the margins down to 5mm... eventually, the window resized itself again. So, that sort-of didn't work. Open to any and all suggestions.

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