D.C. al Fine and Voltas not cooperating

• Jun 13, 2021 - 03:33

I'm having trouble with a song I'm almost done writing. The problem is, my first and second ending are playing the first time through, but after the D.C. al Fine only the second ending is played. How do I fix this?


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Actually, this isn't quite working right. Now it is playing the first ending, but not repeating to the start and just jumping to the very last measure. Does anyone know how to fix that?

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It's not supposed to end in the middle. What is supposed to happen is the song should play from the beginning to the first ending, then repeat to 5 and play the second ending through to 36, where it should then repeat to the start and play to the first ending, repeat to 5, and play the second ending through to the end of the song.

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The problem was the "D.C. al Fine". If you inserted the missing "Fine" symbol in the last measure and "play repeats" was ticked, it would also work.
But usually a simple "D.C." is the correct way of notation here. As mentioned, "D.C. al Fine" means that somewhere in the score there is a Fine (and a corresponding Fine symbol) in a measure, but not at the end.

Just a note, also you should probably edit the text of the DC to say "play repeats" so human musicians reading this will also know to do so - the default for both MuseScore and humans is to not play them.

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