How to change I/O device (and possibly fix what was incorrectly assumed to be a no sound issue) in MuseScore 3

• Jun 13, 2021 - 20:09

A default installation of MuseScore 3 on Windows 10 doesn't
pick up and use the OS-selected speaker device, and may have
a wrong device selected, leading to no sound when trying to playback.
I've seen this in both 32-bit and 64-bit, version 3.6.2.

The speaker output device can be changed in Edit, Preferences, I/O pane, Device.
Once changed, you may need to restart MuseScore. (The selected device after
a clean install was one unable to produce any sound)

Hope this helps somebody from spending time troubleshooting the wrong place, like I did.


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The Os-selected speaker device was working fine. I would want that device to be the same set in MuseScore, however it had picked one of the other
available devices on my machine, which I know produces no sound. Once I switched it to be the
same as I’ve already selected in the OS, it worked.

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