Option to move on the music cursor sooner at the end of the line.

• Jun 15, 2021 - 14:11

Due to the pandemic and lockdowns we have been playing together using Zoom and Musescore. It is not perfect but several groups are now using this nd we enjoy it a lot. We are not actually playing together, we are playing with Musescore, but it gives us a flavour of our playing community. However, many people find they cannot play from the screen and have to print out the music, because it does not move onto the next line soon enough at the end of a page.


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Took me quite a time to find those options. Soft Scroll seems to be called Smooth Pan. And I had declutter my screen so got rid of the file options.
Interesting. But I think it makes me sea sick.
It just needs an option to move to the next page sooner, perhaps before the last two notes. Then the player could remember those notes and be reading for the first note of the next page.
I realise that the program has been created for creating music and not playing along with it. But the facility for having a virtual ensemble has been fantastic and particularly when we have had lockdowns. Playing a wind instrument is particularly problematic for spreading Covid. So we have only just now been able to meet up again outside. And whether we can meet up inside anytime soon is an unknown. So if it rains we are still using Zoom and Musescore to meet up. And if things do not change we might be back with Zoom and Musescore for the whole winter.
But we are now likely to permanently run these sessions because it means that people who are unable to travel for any reason or do not have an ensemble locally can still join in.
I know we are each actually playing along with Musescore but working through Zoom gives a sense of being in a group. We can see each other, and chat between plays etc.

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