Creating Consecutive Multi-Measure Rests?

• Jun 17, 2021 - 06:54

If I want to score a bass part that rests 16 measures for the first verse and 16 measures for the chorus before the first entrance, is it possible to create to back-to-back 16-measure rests on the score to differentiate the parts instead of lumping them together as one 32-measure rest?




If you look at Measure Properties for the 16th rest measure (right click in the measure to find the menu item) you will see a tick box "Break multimeasure rest". Ticking that should do what you want.

You shouldn't need to manually break the rest. If the piece breaks up into separate sections that make sense for the musicians to know, then there should be a double bar and/or rehearsal mark there, and that will break the rest automatically.

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