Glissando issue

• Jun 17, 2021 - 11:35


There's an issue with the symbol indicating the glissando.
If you see my score both the high E and the low E need to have a glissando to go the the F# a whole step above, but when I enter the symbol for the low E the line goes to the F# a major 9th above.
I know that I can drag the line manually, but it would be ideal to get this fixed.

Thank you

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Are you sure you are using a "real" glissando? In the palette, there is an explicit text "glissando, exactly: gliss." with the line. You can remove this text, in the Inspector, to get the glissando line only. From what I see on your first image, wouldn't you be using the 'Slide out up' symbol ? - image below
(this whole series of symbols at the end of the palette is not for guitar but for wind instruments, as far as I remember)


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"Now I can see the glissando correctly but every glissando I add it shows the text "gliss.""

As said above, you can remove this text (or Untick "Show text") in the Inspector, then drop this "new" glissando into the palette for reuse, see the GIF.


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