change foreground color

• Jun 17, 2021 - 17:16


I'd like an option to color everything (not specifically colored otherwise) in a color other than black.
including title, subtitles, staff, notes, accidentals, articulations, etc.

In other words - change the default foreground color.

The main reason I personally want it, if someone is interested, is that I don't have black ink in my printer (I kept buying new ones and they always dry out so I gave up on them), so currently I have to printscreen the score, take it to some image processor and change it there, which is annoying.
But I'm sure people would find it beneficial for other reasons too, and that it's not too much coding to make this possible.



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I don't understand.
Is this a walk through? or 2 separate options?
How can the inspector help me after I exported the pdf?

The Export doesn't have a recolor option, nor the acrobat reader for color printing.
I have one tool for this online but it adds watermarks if you use it more than once a week or something.

The inspector can only help me with anything I can select at once. if even possible to recolor all elements, it's still annoying and frustrating.
I also wouldn't want to go through the whole process to make it black again.

So if I miss something, please explain.
If not - I would still like this feature.

I think the first line in the previous advice was to go to File / Export to create a PDF, then go to your local print shop and ask them to print it.

But you can change color for just about everything in your score using the second line: Ctrl+A to select all, then in the Inspector, click the color button to select a new one, then hit Change Color. However, you'll see it doesn't really hit everything, just the musical content. You'd have to do clefs etc separately. There is an option in Edit / Prefereces / Advanced to change the foreground color for the UI but I don't think it affects print. So probably what you are doing now is as good as anything, until you bite the bullet and buy a new ink cartridge.

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