Bottom margin too big

• Jun 19, 2021 - 07:13

I scaled the music to get it all on one page, however, with the text at the bottom, the bottom margin is too large. Is there a way to reduce it? I already have it set at 0.

Thanks, Wizards!

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Thank you, underquark. You are a certified genius. Enabled vertical justification, tinkered with the height a bit, and everything works fine! It's something new in this release. I understand it better now. And thanks for the typo. Can't send anything up the line with an error like that! Bless your heart! <3

FWIW, you should probably also be using the footer for that usage message, not staff text. As it is it won't make sense in the MusicXML, which I believe you use? Also just is conceptually not the right way to do this.

You should have the page margin set back the the default or something more reasonable than 0, then the footer can live within it. Rightr now there is no room within the margin to place the footer. Turn on View / Show Page Margins to help understand where things are being place. Then renable justification, or else increase the max system distance - your low setting there is what is preventing the page from being filled normally.

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Marc! The busiest man in the musical universe! Thanks for stopping by.

I didn't know headers and footers were part of the program. Learn something new every day around here. I'll use them going forward. Thanks! :)

I revised all the scores in this series, and I added piano for accompaniment. This is Sunday School Choir. Fifty years of being a church musician makes me understand most church choirs strive to hit the notes, but they do a lot better if they have an instrument to follow.

Thanks again. You are AMAZING! <3

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