How to disable automatic System Breaks?

• Jun 19, 2021 - 23:34

I've been struggling with this since yesterday, and i've came here for help. And I already saw another post about this here in this forum, but it wasn't usesful to me.

While I was writting notes in this file, the Musescore software automatically breaks the system no another line (the 5th bar) like in the image bellow.

Does someone know how do I disable this so that the 5th bar get together with the first four ones?

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That 5th bar doesn't fit because it in combination with the preceding bars is too big. You can't fit a quart in a pint pot.. There are several things that can be adjusted to make it fit. In no particular order some of them are:

Set the page size bigger
Set the stave scaling smaller
Eliminate the indent on the first stage
Make the margins smaller
Reduce the stretch

If you attach the score (the .mscz file)rather than a picture of it, someone can probably give more detailed advice.

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I agree with the above suggestions, particularly in terms of making the stave scaling smaller. You just have to find a scaling that is comfortable for you. For conductors' scores, my scaling is a couple of steps lower than the MuseScore default, which is perhaps a little small for some, but I'm fine with that. For parts, I scale just a bit bigger.

Failing that, you can remove the system break at the end of measure 5, and then it should fit nicely on a line with measure 6.

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