notes extend to next bar

• Jun 22, 2021 - 14:53

I am having a problem with notation, as I always have the last note of a bar extending to the first note of the following bar with a tie. I cannot get a neat scoresheet where bars are clear with clear notes within each bar, regardless of the tempo sign I chose.

I do not want to enter into properties and change the Actual time in bar property, because this will confuse performers.

Any idea why I am having this problem, and how to fix this?


Please share an example of such a score.
But the most likely reason is that you're trying to exceed the time signature during note entry. In which case MuseScore helps you out by respelling your chosen duration as a tied duration. The first note then completes the measure as is, and the remainder of your chosen duration is added at the start of the next measure and tied into.

Best to attach your score, or an excerpt, illustrating the issue.
(Sometimes the last note of a bar extends to the first note of the following bar with a tie intentionally, like in ragtime syncopation.)

If you want notes to remain within measures without ties across barlines, make sure the total duration of all notes in the measure do not exceed the measure duration in Measure (bar) Properties, so you won't have to change the actual time at all.

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