Articulation opposite to sforzato (>)

• Jun 22, 2021 - 21:11

In palletes we have a sforzato sign which makes a single note played louder and with more accent. Is ther any way to do the oposite (piano subito) without changing the staff dynamic designation for a single note and then back to the innitial value? It doesnt look good on score when we have "p" in the middle of the score and then "mf" right away.


There is no commonly-recognized symbol for this that most pianists would understand, but you could try the "unstress" symbol (looks like a "u"). If you need to tweak the playback effect within MsueScore as well, just use the Inspector to reduce the velocity. Or add dynamics and make them invisible.

BTW, there was a discussion about this previously, but MuseScore's playback of sforzato isn't necessarily what you expect - by default it plays the note at about 112 velocity, then adds a diminuendo back to about 94 I think, and subsequent notes are then played at that volume. There's already been a bug logged for it I believe.

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That's not how it works - subsequent notes are at the same velocity as the preceding notes. There are some specific combinations of instruments, soundfonts, and dynamics where people feel the sforzato is too loud, but the subsequent notes should be back to normal regardless.

I suspect you are thinking of the sfz dynamc, not the sforzato accent.

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